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Originally Posted by CapnScurvy View Post
My "power" is using a Vista OS to open the "Reply to Thread" icon on the bottom right hand corner of this post. My Windows XP doesn't even show the Thumbnail address, I didn't look at it with my Windows 10 system.

Here's what I see with my magical powers:

*** picture after picture of interminable amount of img link... ***

Get the picture??
Wow! I don't know as I've ever seen an http link that long in my life!... I wonder why you can see it in XP, and it's basically "hidden" from prying eyes in Win7-64?... very strange... all I get is a simple, maybe 12 character long link after the http colon backslash backslash stuff... makes me wonder how long some of these other links actually are... - thank goodness for dns

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