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Originally Posted by mark bonamer View Post
Mark, this 3000 Meter Bearing Plotter (1600x) that's in your "link", is the one you use? You play the game with the Metric Unit of Measurement?

If not, you need to change to the "3000 Yard Bearing Plotter (1600x)" found HERE.

It would seem your system is still not functioning as it should regarding its memory usage. LAA may still not be functioning on your system to help it render all the necessary memory hog items that Fotrs Ultimate, paired with the correct 3000 Yard Bearing Plotter brings. It's either that, or you still have some drag/drop files in places you shouldn't have within the game/mods you're using?

Without a doubt, the Bearing Plotter is a huge memory hog.......the higher the resolution of your monitor, the larger the Bearing Plotter image overlay has to be to measure correctly (pulling out the map Ruler, the Bearing Plotter will read 2000 yards, at the 2000 yards mark). Actually the largest is the (1920x) measures in feet, not inches in actual image size! That's a lot of extra picture to be rendered onto your computers screen. You're (1600x) Plotter is just a bit smaller.

Most players will be able to use the 3000 Yard Bearing Plotter IF they setup their system/game to use all the memory your system has to offer with an app like Large Address Aware. That's why I'm wondering if you've got things set correctly?

Up to this point, I don't think you've told us what is your computer specs? Laptop, or desk top? Guess we better start at the beginning.

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