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Guys. Thanks for yesterday game.
Was really a susprise to have so many players and so well organized event and scenario.
I had not played DW in multiplayer since years and I was a bit rusty so my FFG could not survive the missile volley you launched agains me, but I had enjoyed any minute of the match.
It was really nice to see so much people interested on the sim.
I will be looking for the next sessions!!

Just a tip for the FFG playability. In such high density contact scenario that includes multiple surface and subsurface threats and a bunchload of neutral plataforms, if there is just one player on the frigate, it would be a great help to have the AI enabled to help in several extra stations.
While in the sub a player spends most of its time between the Sonar station and the TMA. On an FFG we do have quite an extra number of stations to man and having the AI helping it is not really a cheat since their performance it is never the level of a human player but help the player to manage the workload and keep track what it is going on FFG.

In any case big thanks to Pepe and Jacek for they nice game yesterday.
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