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Originally Posted by Stiebler View Post
3. Make clean reinstallations of all of NYGM using the three downloads (NYGM2.5, NYGM3_New, NYGM3.6B) from my logo below. Test *each* download briefly after installation to ensure that the game loads without a CTD.
I have tested each mod (2.5, 3_new and 3.6B) and the only one I have problems with is 3.6B. I use JSGME, and there are no other mods.

4. Then patch your copy of SH3.exe with H.sie's V16B1 patch (only this patch, no others are suitable). Also, install H.sie's subsidiary files with JSGME.
I know this may sound stupid, but do I have to patch it, because I'm one of those finniky people who don't like messing with .exe's?

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