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@SittingBear, U570:

It seems that you are reporting two problems:

U570 cannot make NYGM3.6B run without CTDs.

SittingBear can make NYGM 3.6B run successfully, but there is a problem with the addon Stiebler4b_Addon_for_V16B1.

Since NYGM mods are all created by me and tested endlessly by me on my own computer, there cannot be a problem with the mods themselves. There must be a problem with the installation.

I suggest the following:

1. Locate folder MyDocuments\SH3 and rename the SH3 to something else. (I always use XXXSH3XXX, ie to give MyDocuments\XXXSH3XXX)
2. Remove all your existing mods from your copy of stock SH3 (if you are using JSGME; otherwise I regret that you must reinstall stock SH3 too).
3. Make clean reinstallations of all of NYGM using the three downloads (NYGM2.5, NYGM3_New, NYGM3.6B) from my logo below. Test *each* download briefly after installation to ensure that the game loads without a CTD.
4. Then patch your copy of SH3.exe with H.sie's V16B1 patch (only this patch, no others are suitable). Also, install H.sie's subsidiary files with JSGME.
5. Then patch again your Hsie-patched copy of SH3.exe with Stiebler4B_Addon_for_V16B1, and install with JSGME the supplied Stiebler4B_ADDON folder supplied with the patch. It is NOT necessary for any user of NYGM to make any of the alterations to files that users of stock or other supermods need to make, because NYGM has these extra items already included.
6. However, even NYGM users must make the changes to file menu_1024_768.ini as listed in the documentation for the Stiebler4b_Addon_for_V16B1 patch. The change is necessary only for those who use the new weather meter; you do not need to make changes to this file for the 'Change Grid' mod, since the existing NYGM menu_1024.768.ini file already has these additions.

I hope that helps.
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