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Originally Posted by abaileyatd View Post
This isn't a huge problem for me, but I definitely think it would help a lot of people. Just tossing out a vague idea of how it could potentially work: The Host of the game could have an option to save, which would just save the current state of the game, ships positions, etc etc... Then the host could re-host the game later, and instead of a new scenario, potentially load up the saved game as a sort of "saved scenario". Then players could rejoin the boats as in a normal game and/or bots could replace based on circumstances? I'm no programmer but surely something like that could work, especially with the new custom scenarios...?
Yes that is basically what i meant with my idea Nr.1! Very simple, but great solution.

Originally Posted by mobucks View Post
They added the "quick encounter" option for people in your position. I don't think being able to save a mission is viable in an MP game like this.

Also, there may be future custom missions that happen really fast.


It would be great to see a custom mission that starts the boot ready to fire on a convoy within a few minutes.
I get what you are trying to say, but imho quick encounters are boring... I want to search and hunt and fight my way through countless wabo attacks... And if people are just able to play quick missions, they will miss out on a lot of content the game offers. Especially lots of custom missions. I know it is a MP game but also a very slow and time consuming one. And if you feel hasted all the time you cannot plan carefully and make mistakes. But planning your attack, observing the enemy and then strike. That is what subsim games are all about aren't they? That's what makes them fun for me.
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