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Originally Posted by Macgregor the Hammer View Post
...From what I've read, the sim is very realistic and therefore complex.

Is it possible to play solo?

It is more realistic in the sense that you have more hands on controls than in other games. You have to open valves, turn wheels, turn knobs, look at gauges and engage levers to operate the equipment. You change the water level in the tanks, pressure vessels to change your depth or operate electronic equipment to communicate and find the enemy or friends. It takes more than pressing a button to rise or dive. Or pressing a button to make the hydrophone louder. There are frequency filters and amplification knobs to allow you to tune your ears. You type cleartext for the radio bot operator, or manually press the morse dit/dat-key so send messages to other crews. Beforehand encrypting it with simple Enigma, or not. The torpedo data computer needs to be set up to be effective. But no bot or AI is going to tell you with what. The realism level is still limited as some things are simplified versus real procedures and functionality. Complexity is higher than the general games, yes. But a manageable step further.
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