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Originally Posted by Bubblehead1980 View Post
Ah yes I should have been a bit more clear lol. I know the hull numbers, but am
looking for the artwork, for paint scheme (as pictured at the link below) with the hull numbers painted in white on the conning tower and bow etc of pre war Tambor, Gar Sargo, Salmon, and S boats if applicable. Need them for 1941 as my pre war campaign start begins in June 1941 and planned new construction career in Tambor-Gar class will start in late 1940 early 1941. Of course, will transition to the normal paint scheme, showing the numbers painted over after Pearl Harbor or just before, still trying to ascertain when the numbers were painted over, prior to or just before as writing was on the wall for the opening of hostilities.

Hope you can find it, will be great if some already exist that work with TMO, otherwise hoping some of our talented artists here at subsim will jump into action lol.
Know that, some of the warships sport their #'s on the bow of them... as I recall. Can't tell you what mod or mod set did that... as there has been so many, starting off with the earlier SH4 version's on up... mhmm.. think v1.4 was the last version, as I don't recall seeing any mention of mods for v1.5 of SH4. (Not going to swear to that, 100% )

If those could be located... could possibly use them as a basis for that... would need some editing of the #'s, as well as size of them, then reconfigure their placement parameters to work on their placement on the subs from there... then is just a matter of figuring out when they got removed & having that occur in sim/game at the right time (or as is close to right, as it allows... knowing that it's not 100% spot on... as is well known, with some of the other issues of occurrences, such as not having access to upgrades rightly, base reassignments going awry... things of that nature...)

Hope this bit of info helps...

M. M.
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