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Just remember, Ubisoft bought SSI / Aegis's "Silent Hunter", but did not bring a lot of people with them. They then spent like three years doing Silent Hunter II for the U-Boats, and Destroyer Command, which I went out and bought like a dum-dum. The two never did function even close to correctly together, until several modders on SubSim took a crack at it, and lo and behold - I could finally get my destroyer sunk by an online player! lol - So they started on SHIII and an all-new engine and game - sort of... of course, a lot of the SH2 guys didn't come over for SH3... How many updates did SH3 go through during its "supported" lifetime? I lost count... Anyway, if you look at the Air folder Rosters, you will see the Lancaster... so anyway, they spent entirely too much money on making SH3, they had to save money when doing SH4... "I know! We have this HUGE roster over in SH3, and nobody will ever notice the difference between a Lancaster and a B17! They both have wings! The both have windows! They both drop bombs - hopefully!"... The rest is history. I wonder if SH5 has a Lancaster in it?...


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