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Default Update

Update #60, 10th of September 2021.

Hi @everyone,

First thing to notice of course is that this is the first update in some 14 odd months that doesn't have 'weekly' in the title. It has become more and more apparent to us that there is more value in doing updates whenever it is relevant, than tying that to a strict schedule. Some weeks, we are rather bogged down in technical stuff and although a lot of value is added to the project, not much of that is immediately apparent to the player.
Conversely, there are plenty of other weeks in which we manage to break through a couple of walls in a row, meaning we have to leave out some milestones from the weekly updates so it doesn't become a complete wall of text and/or put them somewhere in between, meaning they don't get the attention we would like them to have.

All that being said, our investigations into a possible switch from Unity to Unreal are nearing its conclusion. There are a few items left we still want to check off. Even though we're close to finishing the process, there are still plenty of reasons left why we might decide to stick with Unity; no decision has been made yet.
We also realize we cannot let this process carry on forever. We have therefore decided to set the deadline (first ever in the project!) for September the 18th, 2021, on which day we will announce our decision.

I'm sure that no matter what we'll decide, it might come as a disappointment to some of you. Such is simply the nature of this-or-the-other propositions. The only thing I can hope is that you appreciate that whatever decision we arrive at, we have done so after long and careful deliberation, and truly believe it to be the best for the project. Thank you all very much for allowing us to undertake this experiment and your continued support throughout.

Until then! :heart:.
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