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Originally Posted by Gorpet View Post
Thanks for the reply, I didn't know sorry , I have a win 7 32 bit comp. I reformatted with a virgin install before they stopped supporting win 7. It has all my old games on it. I just thought i would post the link in case it would help somebody. Ya know i miss that game i could play single player offline or at that time go to Hyperlobby wich at that time was cutting edge on line playing. Sorry it didn't work out for you Yubba.

All is good,, though I can't full screen on my 24in monitor,, there is a in config file in the main game folder which has display properties if your scenery buildings disappear make sure you are running in 32 bit,, I'm running a high end crap box that has no graphics card,, so I have a little stutter,, ..
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