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I just bought it myself for full price ($20, plus an extra $10 for a couple of add-ons that came bundled with it).

So far I've had no problems, other than I hate being tied to Steam's online service to play a game that I supposedly own. I had been looking for a realistic flight sim (realistic to me being looking good), and saw a video of a passenger's view of an airliner landing at my home airport, SLX at Salt Lake City. The window view follows the entire approach from Utah Lake thirty-five miles south to taxiing up to the gate. It looked so real that I could identify several landmarks I'm familiar with - so real, in fact, that I was sure I was looking at a real landing claiming to be a sim video. Closer to the landing, though, I spotted a couple of glitches that are inherent only to FSX. He lists his mods, so I bought the game and downloaded those scenery mods. Unfortunately he used two together that he shouldn't have, which makes SLX have two copies of the old control tower and two of the new one. Used separately neither one looks as good as both together.

Still, I've been motoring around in a Piper Cub out of Salt Lake Airport #2, flying around looking at the scenery and going as far as Heber, near Park City.

So far I've had no crashing problems (not with the PC or game, anyway - the airplane's another story), and have been quite happy. On the other hand I'm planning on getting X-Plane 11, for which a mod is now available that uses Google Maps to recreate the actual scenery including individual houses, finally bringing meaning to the overused phrase "photo-realistic". That's for next month though.
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