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Originally Posted by Rconch View Post
There is an excellent mod that was only made to alter GWX files. It was made for GWX 2 and worked just as well for GWX 3-I used it for years.

Just started my first career in NYGM, and with all credit to the original modder, is it possible to convert it to NYGM? How could it be done?

you may compare NYGM/Zones.cfg and Seabed Repair Mod/Zones.cfg with Winmerge. You will see, that these files are completly different in respect to the "Zones List". You may also compare the Submarines *.zon-files included with Seabed Repair Mod to the NYGM Submarines with Silent3ditor S3D. Maybe the additional (213) UboatKeel in the *zon-files is not the only Change, i dont know.
By use of Seabed Repair Mod (for GWX.2) without any modifications in NYGM, i think you loose some of NYGMs functionality/behavior.

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