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This game is AWESOME.
Thank you for release a demo to test this game.
Amazing, I missed that since old Destroyer Command.

Unfortunatelly there are some missing features which I want to show.
Maybe you add them...

Difficulty level:
easy mode with auto-update CIC contacts
hard mode with no uboat camera when drop DC

I missed ship icone at CIC and SONAR to know where ship is going.
(Maybe normal difficulty only?)

WSAD is much more "friendly" than type 023 course again and again.
Similar with speed.

More ships: tankers, linears, troop transports
More sinking effects: explosions, burs etc,

Not sure passive hydro is working (my scrollwhell doesn't work).
Maybe player is able to listen uboat propeller itself?

Mission end:
+ Don't know why mission is over after 25 minutes.
+ (No damages for uboat, 4 of 9 ships destroyed).

+ Let Ai try attack player - my DD stopped and nothing happened.

Next proposals:
+ Mission editor (build big convoy, weather control)
+ Multiplayer co-op mode with escort cooperation (one DD = one player)

Next expansions:
+ Multiplayer mode DD vs SUB (one ship = one player)
+ Pacific theatre

Post scriptum:
+ Background music is absolutelly gorgeous.

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