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Default Dive Planes and Optimum Normal Dive

Something I've been experimenting with for a while now is how to dive the boat promptly without performing a crash dive.

Maybe there is something I'm not understanding completely, but let me start with how the boat is configured:

* It is broadly set up for neutral bouyancy with the MBT flooded. It will hold depth at zero angle and a level boat.

To commence a dive (single crew), I do the following:

* Set engines to electric and ahead half
* Dive planes down 20 dgrees both fore and aft
* Flood the MBT (fore first to get the nose down)

The boat seems to stick on the surface a bit longer than anticipated, given the dynamic pitching of the boat.

It seems that not until both MBT are flooded will the boat actually start to dive.

Am I just being impatient? :P

Thanks in advance.
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