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Concerning vanishing ships:
I have tested all 14 cargo ships (excluding tankers) from IABL's 'New Merchant Fleet' which are provided with NYGM. Tested in a single-mission convoy, with no escorts so I can sink the merchants easily. Winds set to 15 m/s.

12 of these 14 ships sank correctly, most with one torpedo, a few with two torpedoes.
Of the other two ships, one sank, but no credit was given. The other remained floating on the surface after being torpedoed, but could not be locked-on with the UZO or periscope. Credit for this was also not given.
These two unsuccessful ships have not been rezoned properly, so this is a known problem which does not always occur even with the same ships.

None of these ships became invisible while sinking. Nor have I ever seen this effect before in long testing. Are you perhaps using some other mods as well as NYGM?

Has anyone else had the problem of sinking ships becoming invisible?

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