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Default Reading the Uboot story...

So on the very main web page of the subsim web sight, I always take a look at what is going on before wondering in here. You know, enter a small drinking bar, and look at the posting in the first entry room, before going on in to the main room. Yeah kind of like that...

I am looking at the article about the boat U-612. It seems they do a TV mini series as well. Including one released after the original movie. So I decide to look this boat up. Apparently this boat was sunk in a collision with U-444. And to make this more interesting.. She was salvaged and used for a training boat until towards the end of the war.

Why is this interesting to me, because it was sunk in a collision and salvaged. This is taking place during 1942. A U-boat is sunk at sea not far from Danzig. She went down quick and 2 men didn't make it. So it is not by any means 3meter coastal waters. And she was salvaged during the time of really low tech equipment of 1942. Never the less, low tech as is, they got this boat back, and got it "running in full operation". That is very impressive to me...
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