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Originally Posted by sublynx View Post
A horrible picture Looking forward to see that in the game - I guess...
Yep, scarying. According to navweaps, the picture portrays HMS Barrosa (Battle-class fleet destroyer) "steaming over triangular pattern formed by her Squid projectiles. [... The] pattern formed a triangle about 40 yards (37 m) on a side at a distance of 275 yards (250 m) ahead of the ship".

If you look closely at the pictures of the squid launcher posted in the past days, it is pretty obvious that the top and the bottom barrels were aligned with the centerline of the mortar but they had different bore lengths, which meant their projectiles had slightly different muzzle velocities and followed different ballistic trajectories, the topmost projectile travelling more before hitting the water surface. The middle barrel, besides having an intermediate bore length, was on turn askew by ca. 5-10 deg , i.e. it pointed slightly abeam rather than straight in front of the ship, thus creating the triangular pattern.

Also note that the mortar could be trained by 30 deg on either side, though I doubt we will be able to simulate it in game...
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