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Hi Guys
I posted this question on H'sie's thread and will do the same here.

I have a fresh GWX install and H.sie's patch is working correctly. There are no other mods enabled in JSGME.

Stiebler's Supplement to V16b1 is in the MODS folder and both the messages and campaign_SCR editing have been accomplished.

Per H'sie's instructions I put the patched SH3.exe into the Stiebler's Supplement to V16b1 folder with the 4 dll's

At this point I enable Stiebler's supplent in JSGME.

When I start the game I get a "missing dll's message. (At this time there is no SH3.exe icon in the SH3 folder because it first went to the patch folder then went into Stiebler's folder)

Does anyone have an idea as to what I'm doing wrong? I tried to search both threads but came up blank for this specific problem.
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