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@Aktungbby thanks for the welcome!

Glad to say that I think I was able to sort out the issue. Looking at Event Viewer showed me that the app crash was related to d3d9.dll, so I figured it was a DirectX related issue. By copying d3d9.dll and d3d9on12.dll from my SysWOW64 folder, the game could finally launch again.

My thinking is that d3d9on12.dll was the real fixer, the name suggests that it has something to do with DX9 backwards compatibility with DX12. I expect the Steam installer does not include the .dlls necessary to run the game on the latest versions of Windows, but by bringing them over from the Windows folder, you're taking care of that manually.

For the record, I have no compatibility settings or LAA mods on my sh4.exe, this is a raw install from steam (SH4 + U boats).

Here is a photo of the fix for anyone who likes visual instructions:

Hope this solves other people's SH4/5 issues!

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