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Originally Posted by Pyryck View Post
Pardon the intrusion...

Depending on which version of Win10 (I run Win10Pro) you are running, there was a recent Windows 10 update around the beginning of September, 2019, that added Ransomware Protection to lock down "Documents"/"My Documents" from being unintentionally changed.

If you're running the game full-screen, you may or may not see the Security Warnings about a program trying to access those save game files. You may have to ALLOW the changes to be made to the files/folders. (it got to be such a royal PITA to me that I turned off the Security setting)

Check under Settings then Update & Security then Windows Security then Virus & Threat protection then down to the Ransomware protection. Manage ransomware protection. "Controlled folder access" might be the culprit in this case.

Small caveat here. This is only an option if you use the built in windows defender AV. I use the term AV lightly here as its not a true AV, but more of an exploit and sandboxing tech.
If you added an aftermarket AV like Norton, which takes over completely here, then this option is not available (and not an issue).
YMMV depending on your software for AV.
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