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Originally Posted by Randomizer View Post
I just started a September 1944 career in a Type IXC/40 and there is no radar detector fitted nor is there any means to add one before departing Flensburg.

Patrol orders are for Square CB15 in the Gulf of Maine and without a radar detector that destination is likely to be suicidal.

All front boats were fitted with radar detectors by this time so what files need to be edited to add them to a Type IXC/40 in Op Monsun, V720 with Patch 5?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Tested it with mod, and have to say starting in Flensburg Sept 44 with IXC40 is fine with any radar avalaible
Picture of what i get and can choose before mission: just have to drag and drop radar in place

So playing OM stock might be the problem...
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