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It's usually better to start your own thread freqimann, otherwise you end up at the bottom of page 2 of a thread, and might get buried when someone sees how old the thread is... but that's neither here nor now. Some are going to wonder if you've been in a time warp

Sorry, distraction... If your crew has been injured in any of the damage you speak of, or if maybe you accidentally left them at battlestations for a few days, their "efficiency" deteriorates, and the game limits you to 128x TC in those cases. If you have a lot of traffic around you, especially airplanes, the game has limited "throughput", and will stutter trying to display it all. The 4 gig patch helps, but you're still limited by your computer and its "background" apps running, the amount of RAM you have, the free-space on your hard drive, and the vid card you're using. Do you have any of your system specs, or if you have any mods on your game. Also, what folder do you have the game installed in?

And we really should welcome you to SubSim since this is your first post, though almost 9 years later...

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