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Originally Posted by danasan View Post
When the game is up and running, before you start a mission or career, there should be a screen where you can make some global game settings ( look for "Einstellungen").

There should be the option to switch language, keyboard etc.
Yes yes that's it. Thank you so much. I just couldnt work out what the words were, and so it was a guessing thing

SH3 was always my favourite sim. Like three dimensional chess.

Number 1 place I like to play SH3 is on long international flights. And that is where SH5 failed miserably. It had to be connected to the internet. A bit hard at 38,000 feet in the middle of the Pacific.

Now I can play SH3 the way it should be played and on a good laptop with lots of CPU with lots of memory

Again thank you for all involved.
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