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Dear L/SH3 Friends

First of all I have excuse my bad English! My home base is in Europe, Switzerland and I am Shure I miss some important hours in my English school day (40 years ago)

Anyway: since 10 years I work for the SH3 Community and also try to read, try to understand and try to write/support in English.

Right now I want to thank all People for positive Feedback about release Edition 2015 !!!

Blueduck, Eremit, me and our active LSH3 Team work 5 years nearly every single day hard to realize our vision – to realize a contemporary Supermod for Original Game SH3 in year 2015.
Since my release here in SubSim Forum 3 weeks ago i read every day all your comments and statements.

My personal problem is… I’m not able to support all questions in detail in English language !
(For example: Shure HSIE’s genius Patch works perfect! We just add a wrong DLL into our first Version. We fix this mistake with BugFix LSH3-V15-BugFix_2015-05-28)

I read here about technical Problems but I’m not able to support/explain the solution in detail English language! (damn, where are my schooldays now )

All this is very frustration for my and Team of LSH3.

We will try to give your our 10 years SH3 Know how und support best as we can.
This means the primary German SH3 Supermodder Rowi (CCoM), Blueduck, me and all the excellent German Modder who still work every day on our future SH3-Details.

In Fact; we all SH3 Lovers have a lot of work to do – let’s work together.

Respect to all positive and constructive SH3 Modder and Player here!


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