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Originally Posted by Alfred Keitzer View Post
One note about the Dive Bot. It is very good at holding depth, even when firing torpedoes. But currently, if you need to go deep in a hurry, the Dive Bot does not currently use the negative tank -- you have to manage that yourself.
The Dive bot will use the negative tank if you order a crash dive using the right side icon.

If you are already submerged and you order crash dive using the icon, the negative tank is not used.

Edit: after testing, I see the dive bot uses the neg tank only the first time a cd is ordered. If you order a cd, he uses the neg tank; if you surface, then order a cd again, he does not use the negative tank. I will fwd this to the devs, thanks.

Other things to note:
You must manage the compressed air.
Helm Bot will not switch to Diesel upon surfacing.
Good tips, I will include them above, thanks!

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