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I've started my first WOFF careers. Not really the first, but what I had before is just experimenting.

I found that the earliest I can start a new career is January 1915, and that all the QC mission I fly will be applied to that day. I then realized that I could use the QC to practice and write my own personal log to assign those missions an earlier date. I then wondered how far back I could take it.

Then I realized that, while the 100th anniversary will never return, the 104th is happening right now. RAF No 3 squadron was the first to cross over to France for the war, with several others only days behind. That was August 13. Since I wanted to have a fighter pilot and a two-seater pilot from each power running simultaneously, I figured why not do the research for the squadrons I wanted and find out where they were on August 1. Or July 30, which was yesterday, and the day I wanted to start this mess. So I created a French pilot. The earliest date I could find was August 12, so I created the pilot and flew a QC mission, choosing an airfield for my "training" base and practicing touch-and-goes in a Caudron G.IV. I'll continue this sort of thing until August 12, then move to the base they were actually at during that time. It's weird, but I'm starting a career at the very beginning of the war, and almost a year before the eindeckers made their first appearance.

But that's just me...
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