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I've already watched dozens of videos, possibly more than one hundred. I was a big Red Baron fan back in the day, and this looks at a glance like it could have been called Red Baron 4. I also considered Rise of Flight, but online multiplayer just isn't my thing.

I kind of wish I could start even earlier in the war, but I understand their reasons for the start date they did pick. In 1914 you would be flying some very primitive planes with no opposition, just doing your job. I have one pilot who was given the very earliest possible date, March 1915. I don't like that a French pilot is training in a BE.2c, but they didn't want to waste resources developing models just for training. It's still cool since April 1 was the date of Roand Garros' first victory as a single-seat pilot shooting a gun through the propeller. The first Eindeckers didn't go into service until the very end of June, and the first victory in one was July 1, with the first confirmed kill coming on the 15th.

So far the modelling and scenery are first-class, and the sounds are also quite good. I'm getting my fill of more primitive planes with SFX, flying a Bleriot XI out of an unused grass strip in England. That's been fun too.
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