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bullhorn Armored Fist 3 Online Multiplayer Servers are Running Again!

Howdy Everybody,

I just wanted to let all y'all who are novalogic fans or (Armored Fist 3 fans) know that online multiplayer gameplay for Armored Fist 3 is no longer dead, but is Alive and well!

[my reasoning is that if I can "advertise" this info to enough Novalogic fans AF3 servers ( may be "repopulated"/filled]

DOWNLOAD LINK to the Alternative Novaworld server fixes are available on Moddb and in the youtube video description.

So please share this info. Would be nice to see 32 player AF3 online games

If you have the ability, please download the online server fixes for moddb and startup your own server. Thank You.

video of coop:

video of deathmatch testing:

I am currently hosting a dedicated host on called "AF3 COOP 2019". I have one unmanned player joined in called "inactivePL" because the game requires two players to join before it will unpause and start the round.

If you plan join any server on or to host your own server on please download the server fixes from moddb:

Also, if you what to host a server that cycles through several maps please download the Armored Fist 3 mappack from moddb:

And be sure to port forward: UDP 2803, TCP/UDP 3587, and TCP/UDP 19187.

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