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Good post, Werner.

I'm one of those old guys that still enjoys celestial navigation. It's something I still love to do in real life. Why? Well, it's become a lost art from the Naval Academys point of view anyway, as most have relagated their sextants to the museums and archives...eBay...(heck of a way to treat a scientific instrument)...and opted for new, modern, GPS systems. There's nothing wrong with that concept amoung peaceful nations.

...but, in the event...(may the maker prevent)... some future nuclear mishap causing a major elelctro-magnetic interruption, the human race may need a "fall-back" line of defense, such as typewriters, sliderules, sextants, and radios with tubes instead of transistors and ICs..and where will the souls be, the next generation, who'll know how to use them ?

I like the option of being able to choose this RealNav mod just to keep alive the knowledge of the past, the skills needed to get from point A to point B...although, I will admit...the rendition of the sextant in the mod is no where near as accurate as what a real sextant would be able to provide.

The USNaval Academy's standard of accuracy, when cel nav was still being taught there, was 0.5 moa or (1/2 nautical mile) (1000 yards).

Hopefully, a new generation of players will see this mod and it will peak their curiosity to do further research into the whole realm of navigation, mathematics, and science in general.

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