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i wonder when a manual cooking and manual cleaning up the toilet mod is going to be released. Seriously, what is the navigator good for? A captain is not supposed to track the location of the sub.

I appretiate your work but i have no desire for manual navigation, since im playing captains role and have to concentrate on captains tasks not on the crews. I try to do that in every aspect. I never fire the deckgun on my own and only use sonar and radar stations when it is realy unavoidable due to missing tasks of AI crew.

Now about navigation. I remember another game called "B17 the mighty eight". It was pretty much the same as silent hunter but in a B17 bomber. You ware managing the crew, meeting decisions and if you wanted you could switch to any crew members seat and drop the bombs, shoot at bandits or - navigate...

So why did i mentioned that? The navigation in that game was incredibaly cool. There was a map view simmilar to the one in silent hunter. But it wasnt a godeye. Everything on the map was put in there by the crew and the crew wasnt perfect. The navigator was trying to couple the position of yourself and everything around by looking outside at cities, coasts, roads etc. When there was nothing to see he tried to couple using speed, heading and known wind. But after a while he was totaly lost and your plane was not necessery where it was shown on the map. But the navigator was telling you when he was not sure about present position or when he was totaly lost. In that case you could go to the nav map and drag your plane on it to where you think you should be, or you could look outside yourself and try to find a reference point. That is how real visual navigation work and it was very good in that game. You could never be sure if your position on the map was where you realy were, and you often came out of a cloud cover and found yourself somewhere else and could even here the navigator cursing :-)

Of course there are no referation points that can be used in a sub. Seamen use the sun, stars and the clock. But the same idea would realy improve the game. Making the navigation vulnurable to errors. So the navigator would update the location every few hours and when the visibility condition didnt let him, your position would be flawed or postponed until he can see the sun or the stars again.

That would kickass but you know it is not possible because it goes to deep into game mechanics. Anyway, so far ill stick with GPS mode.

have a nice day.
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