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I managed to get both Jutand & Distant Guns up and running but only just.

Some things to note - I cannot get either game running if I use the desktop shortcuts or by running from the .exe in the folders. They MUST be launched via the Stormpowered client - i.e. right-click menu from the games list.

For anyone having trouble you must give Stormpowered time to breathe (so to speak). I'm sure it's just a case of it not being too friendly with modern systems but when you launch, say, Jutland, it will appear to do nothing for maybe 20 seconds or so - leaving you to suspect it's crashed. But it will eventually fire up. This is also the case for the automatic update to that Jutland attempts on first launch after installation.

TLDR - Just leave it alone chances are it will fire up when ready.

I'm playing Distant Guns right now - once you turn of all the 'arcadey' triangles and damage meters cluttering up the screen and adjust the ocean/environment graphics setting to something a bit less garish it can look very nice.

But we really need to get this game over to GOG or similar - they'll sell a ton more copies than while it's currently on life support & saddled with Stormpowered.

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