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Wolfpack B.d.U. Campaign (WBC) is an online campaign simulating the U-boat war during the Battle of the Atlantic from 1939 through (eventually) 1945 (understanding that Wolfpack is currently only modeled through 1941).

The campaign simulates crews being on patrol and uses the U-boat simulation “Wolfpack” as the medium by which individual skippers and their crews conduct engagements and sink tonnage. It is not a player-vs-player competition between boats, but rather a cooperative competition simulating the Kriegsmarine U-bootwaffe’s struggle to decimate the Allied shipping lanes. Skippers and their crews are encouraged to work together as a team, share results, tactics, tips, and knowledge to further that goal – to destroy enemy shipping wherever it is found!

The server’s staff acts as flotilla commanders under the Befehlshaber der U-boote (“B.d.U.” – Commander of the U-boats), the historical position held by Gro▀admiral Karl D÷nitz. B.d.U. oversaw ALL operations of the boats, directing their movements, forming wolfpacks, and in general overseeing the conduct of the U-boat war.

Boats conduct patrols on a schedule, during which any combination of things may happen to them – they may (among other things) detect and engage shipping, be attacked by aircraft, be surprised by escorts, be assigned to weather duty, be ordered to join a wolfpack, be put on minelaying duty, or tasked with a harbor raid. When ships are sighted to engage, crews launch Wolfpack and conduct the engagement, using settings and stipulations issued by Staff. If a boat returns to base damaged, it will prolong its stay in refit, costing valuable time – so be careful!

Due to the fact that the simulation Wolfpack is currently in alpha status, there is much yet to be developed in fleshing out the simulation. Therefore, in the meantime, we have talented people aboard who have been able to mod the game to introduce such realistic features as dud torpedoes, reload times, and more. We fully support the developers, however, and our intent is not to create a "parallel" Wolfpack, but rather provide another option for people while additional content is added by the developers.

Important: Due to the fact that Wolfpack allows for disproportionately large tonnage values to be sunk on any individual engagement, skippers and crews taking part in the WBC must agree that the game engine will put limitations on these results in the interest of more closely reflecting actual historical results. To that end, boats’ results will be subject to dud percentages, and boats will be limited in the number of ships allowed to be engaged on any particular run. This is a marathon, not a sprint, and it is not an individual tonnage competition, but rather a simulation of the historical realities and results experienced by the historical skippers and their crews in relocating ships from the ocean’s surface to the bottom. Skippers must think in terms of judicious torpedo use, be mindful of damage, and live to fight another day, as their boats’ status carries from one engagement to the next – they are on patrol until they are ordered (or must) to return to base!

If this sounds like something that interests you, read the GETTING STARTED thread!

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