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Default Clarifications

Gorschkov I think you need to read posts and titles carefully before you make inaccurate and jumping-to-conclusions comments like Skybird trying to sell SPB as a WWII sim.He said no such thing and only you seem to have miscontrued what he wrote.The title of his post is "Fighting in SPB-PE in WWII Style".He made is clear that for those trying to recreate the WWII style of tanking in SPB-PE they can follow the steps what he explained.He never said nor pretended that SPB-PE was anything but a modern tank simulator.

Re my invitation to join our forum it's not meant to take you away from this forum but simply to inform you and others that if don't read much about SF on this particular forum it's because we have our own , very lively forum on to you if you want to join and " show your stated interest for SF".

RE SABoW not being meant as a competitor to SPB-PE; it's not me saying it but nobody less than Vladimir Zelevnyii, CEO of Graviteam, who stated so during an interview with Panzerfaust on another forum. I think he knows better than you don't you think????? He said his combo rts-sim is meant to recreate tank warfare in conflicts either forgotten or neglected and is specifically designed for tanks of the late sixties and early seventies.SPB 's territory is completely different and the 2 sims have totally different concepts and strategies.About the only thing they have in common is that they can be played on a pc and focus on tanks...

Finally your constant advertisement of SABoW interjected with derogative comments about SPB.You can make a case for SABoW without destroying yoru credibility by trying to tarnish the image of another game you dislike...Your sales pitch is not only overdone and abusive but also sounds more like bashing than selling.

What I find interesting is that a guy like you who in the past seemed to have only been involved in subsims based on your past posts has become a born-again tank sim afficionado???Very odd indeed....
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