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Default Early Post War Tanking

Skybird what you have done with your interesting post is very informative although I must say that you are pursuing the wrong tack.I think trying to recreate a WWII style war or sim with SPB is not really realistic at least in the atmosphere sense of the word.I think modern tanks lack the iconic flavour or design that WWII buffs look for in a tank sim.However what you have done is much more interesting in the sense that a lot of us are left yearning for a tank sim that would cover tank warfare from 1950 till 1970.There are none.It's either WWII or the 70s and beyond or bust!

For those of us interested in fighting tanks with some of the improvements that came after 1945 but before tank warfare became a press button war with all the technological improvements in thermal imagery, satellite guidances, computer assisted firing systems and super ammo that came with the 70s there's nothing, no sim on the Israeli-Arab wars where tanks like the M-60, Chieftains, T-55s, 72s, AMX Centurion tanks played a prominent role nor Korea etc.I think your suggestion to tone down the tanks in SPB and just keep basic features with perhaps gun stabilisation retained as it came in the 50s and laser sighting would go a long satisfying those of us with a craving for recreating tank warfare in the 50s and 60s for which there's with absolutely no sim or game made for that period.So you have given us( with SPB) a very worthy idea!

On the other hand re WWII somehow your plan I guess won't meet that much enthusiasm.But SPB is a wonderful sim which can stand on it's own and has nothing to envy to WWII tanking.

Re SF you and I disagree on it's value but I respect your opinion and understand where you are coming from.That being said for those who like that sim is where the afficionados meet on a forum.

Anyway thanks for ressurecting that sticky because it's really great for the fans and shows how versatile SPB can be!

What you said about 2000 metres being the absolute limit for WWII tanks is not correct.Late war German tanks crews reported multiple kills with the Panzer VI ausf., B( improperly valled King Tiger( Koenigstiger) or Tiger II), the Jagdpanther and Nashorn at ranges of 3000 to 3500 metres.However these were the exceptions more than the rule and only the Germans had the combination of guns, optics, trained crews and doctrine( long range kills) required to achieve such feats.The average tanks battles were typically fought at 700 metres rabnge in WWII.


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