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Justine and I are planning to stay in Boston. We don't like roughing it!

Originally Posted by Neal Stevens View Post
Ok, I have finalized the sleeping quarters for the meet. I made a $200 deposit with the Camp View Motor Court for the rental of 4 cabins. These are the people who have registered and are set up with sleeping quarters. You should work out who is staying with whom now or when you arrive.

Bill Nichols, Justine
August, Rose
Jason Lobo
Daryl Carpenter
Chad McRae
Michael Pohl
Albert George
Bas Langenhof
Sailor Steve

I assume August and Rose will be staying in their home, but they are welcome to stay at the lodge if they choose. Camp View does have extra cabins available if necessary.

Here is the breakdown of cabin/slots/cost:

Cabin #7: largest cabin, has a bedroom with a queen bed, reserved for Bill and Justine. Also has a room with two beds for two other members. This cabin will serve as the meeting room. There is a picnic table and bbq grills for outdoor social activities. $125 a night, split 3 ways is $42 each. There is a sofa that can make this a 4 person cabin, be SURE to cover it with sheets/sleeping bag to ensure it is well cared for.

Cabin 6: two beds, $85 a night.

Cabin 20: two beds, and a pullout sofa, $100 a night.

Cabin 11: two beds, room for a sleeping bag/air matress if anyone wants to bring one. $85 a night.

The stay is for Thursday Sept 23, Friday 24 and Sat 25.

Please do NOT smoke in the cabins, and take care of the property. We want to be respectful (I know you already are).

Jason, you can arrive a day early if you choose, they have vacancies.

Any questions?

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