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something is really f...up. Here's the story: I have several saves for version 3.0. I deleted whole game-leaving those saves. (all files in data etc, everything deleted). I installed game, patches...Then:JSGME, NYGM 2.5, NYGM 3.1, Cap. America Officer Icons, TransparenteKonsole, IABL ships, olc horizont fix and sh3 overlay bearing lines using files that worked every time with no problem. Game loaded ok BUT I cannot load my saves. After Initializing I get We apologise for errors, send/not send report, SH3.exe has done something bad. What is wrong? So I disabled IABLships, olc horizont and NYGM 3.1 and loaded 3.0 with OLC and ships-all saves work fine. I could only load naval accademy with 3.1(haven't tried single mission)So-why my saves aren't working with 3.1? Currently I'm trying to load 8th save of 4th patrol so if u tell me how to copy them somewhere I will try load game form IN base after 3rd patrol.
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