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Default NYGM 3.1

I have now placed a copy of NYGM3_1.7z (i.e. NYGM version 3.1) onto the FileFront address that can be found in my signature below.

As previously, this needs to be installed with JSGME over the last stand-alone release, NYGM 2.5 Full version (Fulon), available from the same link. Version 3.1 completely replaces versions 2.6B and 3.0. If you have them already installed, remove them with JSGME before installing new version 3.1.

This is only a minor update. Main differences between 3.0 and 3.1:
1. Re-zoned heavy bombers, so that they are a little more easily shot down.
2. Very minor changes to campaign files, command files and menu files.
3. OneLifeCrisis's excellent horizon fix now built in.
4. Hitman's excellent Optics mod 1.1 provided as an optional extra (find it in 'Documentation').
5. Slight changes to the optional Type XXIII boat for use in 1944/45. Now uses the cramped Type II boat interior as per Hitman's suggestion, not the original spacious Type XXI interior.
6. Ocean Blue's 'Final' torpedo damage mod included (NYGM previously used an earlier version).

Don't forget: if you are using Iambecomelife's optional merchant ship pack for NYGM, this needs to be overlaid with JSGME *after* you have installed NYGM 3.1.

Happy hunting,
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