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Originally Posted by balto63
Originally Posted by Wilcke
Originally Posted by balto63
I'want to try this superMod and finally I've downladed from file front.
Can I use also "Torpedo Damage Final 2.0" Mod ???

I have not looked into the innards of that mod if you provide a link I can peek into it and give you an opinion. My recommendation would be to use NYGM 3.0 as is, the team did a suberb job of custom zoning each ship and modifying many factors in how shipping sinks. Making it a very realistic mod.

Enjoy, its a great mod.
Thank's a lot for your answer

This is the link to the mod

I now it's only an eyecandy but is nice to see that holes in the hull ...


Hi to all
Thanks for the link. Yes, that mod is not a problem. You can use it. I run NYGM 3.0 and I get very nice holes in the ships that I hit.

Happy Hunting!

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