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1st welcome FrenzyBread

It depends on which time or era interests you most.
Wolfpack and SH3 is World war 2 in german U-boats, SH 4 is World War 2 in US submarines (though there is a mod converting it for german U-boats), while Cold waters plays during the 'Cold war' times post 1945.

Wolfpack is about online playing together in a boat or several, though it is also possible alone. Crew management is there in SH3 and a bit more in SH4, but you can switch it to pretty easy mode to escape micro-managing or entirely stop it with certain mods.
Have not played Cold waters yet but i guess there is almost no crew managing (? not sure).

There are mods for modern subs fo SH3 and 4, but when you atre interested in modern subs i would go for "Cold waters", or "Dangerous waters". Lots of missions there..

There will sure be others with (better) hints, have fun!

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