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Default manual tdc issues or bug?

I dont know if there is a bug in fall of the rising sun or if I just forgot something . In vanilla sh4 i was ... competent. But even in the sub school scenarios I am missing.
my steps are as follows
1. identify the ship and turn on the tdc
2. aim at the target ship and select it for tracking with the tracking button in the torpedo tube selection panel on right. align the horizontal marks of the periscope
3. use stadimeter to determin ship hight, send to tdc
4. set angle on bow send to tdc
5. repeat 3/4 send to tdc
6. use these values to determine speed using the button on the top left of the speed set wheel. send to tdc
7. I usually press the send to tdc button each time i'm about to fire a torpedo ... i dont know if this is required but i like to cover my bases since I have no been able to determine what is going on. it is hard to diagnose where the error lies because the fall of the rising sun mod limits eternal views so i cant see if all my torps are going to the same spot or different ones base on updated targeting solutions. either way they are not hitting. not going under not duds etc just not making the interception point in any way.
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