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BlackSwan and John,

thank you very much for those quick replies.

I do sometimes look and listen myself, but I think it's rather tedious to do it constantly on a long patrol. Therefore, I mostly do it when I close in on a reported convoy.

I will take a look at that hydrophone patch, thanks for that.

I think I found what causes the issue: For some reason, when I uninstall the TKSS sub mod everything goes back to normal. Contact reports at over 10km are possible with a decent watch crew. Unfortunately, this means that I will have to live without those great models for now. I will need to luck into which mod it clashes with.

You are right, I cannot rely only on my crew. But there was obviously something wrong with mine. Sometimes I would get contact reports with freighters just to go on the bridge and see that they are 500 m away. I've had PT boats shoot at my sub and only noticed because of the damage reports. Weird stuff like that happened all the time.

Thanks again

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