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Originally Posted by makman94 View Post
i don't believe that Tycho is stupid. On the contrary , he is one of the best around and have offered many very (and i mean VERY) usefull additions.

But the theme is that you can't talk with these rude expressions for other members in public.
Would you like it if other members start talking to you in the same style ?
Of course he can, he did that many times without consequences. So, it is obvious, a matter of choice. I'm a little tempted to also try that.
I barely remember what his problem is. Something about the way I use the radar.
Of course, I will continue to use it that way. My antennas, radars and flags are long ago setup how I want, and don't even think about that anymore.

About my attempt to integrate radar, antenna and flag mods in NYGM!
Was some years ago. I already have them in my NYGM based installation, and thought, I can make this for NYGM and give them to Stiebler.
I can not know who to whom, what was offered, why and when refused, and so on. I ask Stiebler, are you want, he say OK.
I take the available at this time versions and transfer them one to one to the NYGM files.
At this time, parallel is running the topic "Radar rotation problem", where this person began to stink about the way, we discuss and experiment with things.
From all there, I understood that, he think that there is only one way, his way. And no one can try, experiment, discuss and play with something different.
After that, I have no desire to have anything common with this.
From then I have no occasions to communicate with Stiebler.
So, about "NYGM_2017A", I have no idea what is inside.
And what are these key commands, I don't have key commands.
I don't use this patch, it is incompatible with my game, need to be manually integrated, don't found time for this yet.
So, don't put me there, and generally, don't bother me with yourself.
If you ride like lightning, you're gonna crash like thunder.
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