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Originally Posted by Beqanyc View Post
Thank you both for answers. what the hell should I do with it? , I updated to FuMo-30 and the damn thing is also misplaced , its sky high on my U boat IXC with last conning tower(with large flak gun) . im also playing the campaign mod in GWX and I don't have any mods activated except Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080 Final . Is there any fix by author ? I found one in old posts fix for Fumo 29 but link was outdated. this submarine models are just superb , I really want to enjoy them with their full potential , please help if you can!
Originally Posted by La vache View Post
Thanks Ahnenerbe for your compilation.
I fixed FuMO 29 Gema for type VII and IX, and KDB rotation.
Instead of using FuMO29_radar_fix

German U-Boats Compilation FuMO_Fix_SNS
Please try this.
U-218 U-2324
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