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After use of 'Surrender Option':
If you are rescued by U-boat, then the rules are that you can start a new patrol, even if you play 'Dead-is-dead'.

It is your choice how you start your new patrol, but in real life it must have been with a new U-boat and a partly new crew.
You can adjust your medal status, and your new crew status, to mimick your earlier career, by altering the crew configuration files after starting your new career.

VonHarris has kindly answered your question already about the weather meter already.

1) Yes. The patched sh3.exe will replace the original. Your shortcut will continue to point to it.
2) Yes. In fact your suggestion is the preferred method. Install the revised files command_en(de).cfg with JSGME as part of the Stiebler4B_Addon_for_V16B1 folder.
3) Yes. You *must* first install H.sie's mod.

Either you are using the wrong version of the Options Selector (use version 1.6a with its associated files HsieContents.txt and StieblerContents.txt).
Or you are are not patching with H.sie's V16B1 patch (maybe with an older version, or have you omitted to use H.sie's patch completely?)

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