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thanks again for hints and explainations @Stiebler.
Yesterday i did an amazing patrol with your and h.ies mod in "full combat mode"
It was great, i did Type IIA in aug 44.
After crossing the channel on first patrol starting at brest i was bombed and lost my tower.
So i went back to germany for repair and refit.
After that the 1. flotilla was no more.
i was assigned to 7/13 with new patrol grid and tasked later to return to trondheim. Yourmod worked as aspected ->big fun!
i found out you can surwive even with that old boat in 44. It's all about weather, at least a big part...

Further i found out the min time-compression mod to be very handy to me, f.e. when traveling along helgoland on patrol start with meeting many friendly units on the way.
Now no morge a hundred times pressing the tc button to get back to 128x - it just stays there like it was like that always - very useful and calming
You can play relaxed even without much friendly harbour traffic.

A little worry at last - my WO dos not report the range any more - he only gives the direction.
Did you have any idea where i should start looking?
I know h.sie has changed the WO behavior in his mod.
Unfortunately i didnt noticed when this had happened first
and i was pretty shure i installed h.sie mod correct - it'n not that tough than setting upyour mod.
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