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That is very interesting feedback, Gammel. Many thanks for it.

I take your point about changing the colours of the 'cloud' (weather meter) to colours that are perhaps more representative. Also your idea (of using en(de)_menu.txt to provide extra tool tips for the weather-meter) is a good one.

Concerning occasional English text in the patched game that does not occur, or is duplicated, in either en_menu.txt or de_menu.txt: This text is hard-coded, and it would be quite complicated to add a separate German version also - it would be necessary to determine in code whether en_menu.txt or de_menu.txt was being used (and what about French users?). Because the text is hard-coded, it is *essential* to spell it correctly where the same text is duplicated in en(de)_menu.txt. Therefore, we have these strange lines in de_menu.txt:
560=U-boat destroyed.
561=U-boat destroyed durch Kollision.
562=U-boat destroyed durch ‹berdruck.
563=U-boat destroyed durch Wassereinbruch.
The 'U-boat destroyed' is an exact copy of the same text in the code, and must not be changed.

I'm glad you have been able to report success - and to show a picture to prove it. Thanks again,

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