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I greatly applaud your efforts here Skybird, it is very much appreciated. I am certainly one of those people who prefers sims of WWII tanks.

Unfortunately, with all of the best intentions and settings in the world they will still be modern tanks with restricted abilities. Unless we are riding in a Tiger, or Sherman or...(fill in your favorite) then the effect is lost.

I know from your posts you obviously love SBP and want others to as well, but for people not enthusiastic about modern tanks a $125 price tag is hard to swallow. Even harder if you are going to pay it just to turn off many of the tank's abilities. Usually simmers are willing to put money into the genre to help it grow, but in this case money spent will go to making more advance modern tank simulations, as the company involved would probably get little interest from the Defence industry if they switched to WWII simulators.

I know and have accepted that my likes are under-served in the sim market and for all I know will never be served again. I just don't see a gain in spending alot of money on a title that would have to be basically bastardized to come near to serving my wants, from a company that has no intention of serving them.

Again, I appreciate you input and tips, I just think unless someone also has an interest in a modern armor simulation it will not hold interest long.
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