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*** The mistake in the above essay that is found and described here, has been corrected. Sky. ***


Your description of the 'theme' components is slightly wrong..

Bumpiness does have a minor effect on movement rates, but its primary effect is to induce vibration on the sights, drastically reducing accuracy in GAS, especially when the stabilisation is down (GPS sights are more stable than the GAS, even when the FCS is operating fully, as the GPS head mirror is a light component with a mass of ~1kg, compared to the gun tube at ~3 tonnes. This means that the stabilisation of the GPS mirror can be much more precise than the GAS/guntube - although this won't apply if the stab. is switched off or damaged).

The main method of controlling off-road speed is to increase the 'drag' of the theme. Full drag of 1.0 will practically immobilise some vehicles and will leave none capable of faster than ~20kph cross country. Drag will produce greater effects on mobility than bumpiness will in the current versions.

Traction (is not functioning as intended in the current version) but is intended to restrict slope climbing ability and can immobilise a vehicle completely. For now leave this at a high value (preferred is 100%) for all terrain types to avoid undesired behaviour.

Hardness allows a visual effect to represent the approximate drag behaviour of the terrain, values less than 0.3 will add a 'bog' shading to the map, and vehicles will 'sink' into the ground to a depth appropriate to the value. The drag is not directly linked to this parameter, and should still be set from the 'drag' slider. This is a new feature as mentioned in the 2.483 release notes published earlier this week.

Other methods of restricting speeds include damaging the suspension component - this will cause much more effect from the bumpiness settings, and the AI can be reluctant to move in some terrain types, even though technically movement is possible.
As far as I am aware, none of the currently available modifiers reduce the on-road speeds possible - these are always at (or near) the full speeds, even with damaged suspension. AI routes can be set to only use slow or fast speeds, and not to use top, but this cannot be imposed on player controlled units, except by an 'honour' system.

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