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Torpedoes are too powerfull in TWOS. As you said one torpedo is almost always enough to sink any vessel. This is a major weakness of SH5 / TWOS. SH3 does a better job at this as far as I remember.

I did some testing with the torpedoes in TWOS, adjusting the minimum and maximum damage values. I was able to get some better results were I normally needed 2 torpedoes to sink larger ships but I did not find a truly satisfactory outcome. It seems no matter what values you use, two torpedoes is always enough to sink any ship. Needing 4-5 torpedoes on occasion as sometimes happened IRL never happens in TWOS. And when you reduce the maximum damage value too much then smaller ships can absorb one torpedo too often without effect.

As far as traffic is concerned in TWOS, this depends on the area were you are. In general traffic is higher than IRL, which makes sense since it is a game. This is the same in SH3. I have had patrols in TWOS were I had no contacts for a couple of weeks, so this does happen especially if you are in the middle of the atlantic.

TWOS has it's strenghts and weaknesses. It does some things better than SH3 and some things worse. Neither is perfect.
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